Deactivate/Re-activate All WordPress Plugins in One Go

If you upgrade your blog regularly every time WordPress releases a new version, you should know how pain it is to deactivate every single plugins you have there. Deactivate one.. page reload..wait.. deactivate another.. page reload.. wait.. (you get the idea)

Deactive All Plugins

To replace this very important feature WordPress should be including by default, Alex had released a plugin last year, called 1 Click to Stop & Start Plugins. All you have to do is to download the single php file, upload it to your plugins folder, and activate it in your ‘Plugins’ page.

By then, you should see a ‘Deactivate All Plugins’ button at the bottom of your ‘Plugins’ page. The next time you want to deactivate all your plugins, be it for version upgrading or troubleshooting your WordPress problem, just click on the ‘Deactivate All Plugins’ and pooof, everything is deactivated.

When everything is deactivated, it means that the 1 Click to Stop & Start Plugins
is deactivated as well. Now after you are done with your upgrading and stuff, you can activate all your plugins you last deactivated again, by simply activating the 1 Click to Stop & Start Plugins plugin again. It remembers your last deactivated plugins.

Plugin page | Download 1 Click Stop & Start Plugins

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