Delete Certain History Entry in Firefox

Firefox logoThere are several reasons to do so. When typing URL on the address bar on Firefox, a list of website addresses that you have previously visited will appear. For example, you previously visited, and the next time you type “ex” on your address bar, will appear as a suggested URL.

The list is helpful as you can visit the website again in no time by selecting it from the list. But if you don’t want a certain website to appear on that list, be it a mistyped URL or a website that you won’t visit anymore—then you might want to removing it from the history.

Example 1

Of course you can also remove the URL by deleting the entire history, but that will cause other URLs to be deleted as well. This trick is useful too if you are using someone’s else computer for browsing but don’t want to get the owner notice it.

To delete an entry from your Firefox history, type the URL out on your address bar, highlight it and press Shift+Delete (it works too on my Firefox by just pressing Delete without Shift, but most other guides suggest to include the Shift as well).

Highlight and delete
(Hover your cursor on the address to highlight)

You will never see the URL being suggested again while typing on your address bar until you visit that particular website again manually.

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  1. StallionMallet - January 14, 2010 @ 1:00 am

    This is painfully useful. Thanks a million for the post!

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