Prevent Email Spams By Using Temporary/Disposable Email Address

Have you ever got shocked having your main email inbox being spammed heavily the next day after you revealed your email address to an unknown website? There are many websites out there that collect email addresses from its users, and then sell them to other companies—which will spam the email addresses with junk emails.

Disposable email address is one of the best way to prevent your email address being spammed. As its name suggest, a disposable email address is one type of email address that you only use for temporary. You create it within seconds, read the emails sent to the address, and later the email address will be deleted. Below is the list of disposable email address provider that works great:


1. Mailinator (Highly Recommended)


Mailinator requires no registration at all. Just send anything directly to <something> and you can check the inbox immediately via Mailinator’s website or even RSS. Because of this, you and another user might be sharing the same email address if you both happens to choose the same address. And because of this, the inbox is completely public and just anyone can have access to it.

It is good if you need a quick email address for general purpose, but I would not recommend if you will be using it for handling sensitive information. As mentioned, just anyone can read your email there, provided they know your Mailinator email address.


2.Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail

A random email address will be generated (example: [email protected]) with just a click at Guerrilla Mail. You will then be redirected automatically to the inbox, which will last for only 15 minutes before the email address will be deleted. However, you can always request for another 15 minutes if you have not done using it yet.

As you can only use Guerrilla Mail for a certain time frame, it is only recommended for one-time-usage. For example, you are forced to join a mailing list before you can download an e-book, you can use Guerrilla Mail.


3. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

It works exactly like Guerrilla Mail. Just that 10 Minute Mail (I know it should be 10 minutes, but who cares) is offering just 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes. But again, you can always request for another 10 minutes if you are not done with your stuff.

4. Spaml


There is no need to click anything in order to generate a temporary email address. Once you visit Spaml, a random email address (e.g. [email protected]) will be generated immediately and being copied to your clipboard.

So basically you only need to visit Spaml, paste the email address to wherever you want it to be submitted, and return to Spaml to check your inbox. You can even customize the email address to your liking (e.g [email protected]).


5. Jetable


Jetable is not a temporary email address provider. But instead, it will generated a random email address that will forward all emails that are sent to that address to your actual email address. Something like a middleman.

You can choose how long the email address will last, one hour, one day, one week, or one month. Once the email address is expired, it will stop forwarding emails to your primary address.


There are still many more temporary or disposable email address provider out there. But most of them basically works the same. It is essential to protect your primary email address as you just couldn’t imagine how terrible spams are—especially when you are with an email provider with an inefficient spam filter.

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