Don’t Go Nuts Over New MacBook’s Single Port

We’ve seen it coming. Apple’s just-announced 12-inch MacBook is exactly identical to 9to5Mac’s artist’s rendition in January, down to the single USB-C port of the left of the laptop. The decision to only include one port — capable of charging, data transfer, and video output, had upset some people. They couldn’t believe it. Are you serious, Apple?

You can only use the port for one thing at a time. If you’re using it to connect to an external display, you cannot charge it. Or if you are charging it, you cannot plug in your flash drive for file transfer. Apple’s solution is to use an adapter, sold for $79 (that’s more expensive than an Apple TV). This, suggested by some people, is Apple’s ultimate motive, to increase profits by selling adapters.

What people don’t see — the MacBook Air and Pro lineup is still around. You can choose a MacBook that suits your need, be it multiple USB ports or SD card reader. The new MacBook is a different category all together. I blame Apple for the confusion. By naming it just “MacBook,” the 12-inch device is seen to be filling the gap between the Air and Pro.

But that’s not the case. The 12-inch MacBook is lighter, thinner, and more portable than the MacBook Air. It’s meant for road warriors, people who appreciate portability more than anything else. People who use their laptops mostly as it is, without external accessories to bog them down.

It may not be for you. It certainly isn’t for me. It’s unfortunate that such a beautiful MacBook may not suit our use cases. But for road warriors longing for a thin, lighter than Air MacBook, this is it.

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  1. Adriano Lopes - July 22, 2019 @ 5:19 am

    Obrigado pelas informações, encontrei aqui justamente o que eu precisava.

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