HostGator Black Friday 2010: 80% Off Everything

HostGatorHold your horses if you are about to sign up for a web hosting plan. This Black Friday (November 26th), HostGator will hold a special offer that is irresistible, the best deal yet in HostGator’s 8 years in business.

So what’s the deal?

  • 50% off everything from 12:00AM CST – 5AM CST (-6 UTC/GMT)
  • 80% off everything from 5AM – 9AM CST while supplies last
  • From 9AM – 11:59PM CST OR after 80% off accounts have sold out, 50% off everything will be resumed

Off everything meaning you will receive the same percentage of discount on just any plans (shared hosting, reseller, VPS, & dedicated server) and any duration. Obviously, the longer the term length you sign up, the more you will save.

If you’re signing up 3 years worth of shared hosting with 80% off, that would only come to $35.64. That’s obviously a steal, with you only paying less than a dollar a month ($0.99) while I’m paying $9.95 for the same thing.

Why I’d recommend HostGator

SheepTech has been hosted by HostGator since February 2010. Out of these 10 months, the uptime was more than 99.9% for 7 months. With HostGator’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, I successfully requested for a refund for one month.

The second refund request was unsuccessful with HostGator claiming that their internal monitoring shows that I have more than 99.9% uptime for that month.

The third month (November) of non-99.9% uptime was due to inaccurate monitoring. I did not setup any uptime monitoring service for SheepTech, but on another blog of mine. HostGator temporarily suspended that blog of mine for excessive load, but put it online again after a few minor tweaks. The uptime reporting was ruined and I have no accurate data for November’s uptime. It might or might not be more than 99.9%.

cPanel, Migration
HostGator uses cPanel like many other host, meaning migrating is easier than ever. In fact, all my blogs were migrated to HostGator for free without any effort on my side. Everything works just as fine after the migration, without any reconfiguration.

Support is professional too. When they take down my other blog for excessive load, they notify me by an automated international phone call all the way from US to Malaysia. They’ve also sent an email with explanation and a lengthy suggestions on how to fix that issue.

Without the suggestions, it would probably take much longer for me to troubleshoot and fix the culprit, resulting in further unnecessary downtime. You can contact the support team easily via live chat, email or even phone call for free (some hosts charge for phone call support).

Still not happy? Fine. Request your ticket to be assigned to Brent and you can talk to the founder and chairman of HostGator.

Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
There is a catch for this one. Accounts exceeding 100,000 inodes (1 million for VPS) will be excluded in the weekly backups. While the backup is free, requesting for your backup is not. It cost $15 for each backup request.

I think this is fair as you can have peace of mind knowingly your data would be backup, and more importantly, you can fix things with money when necessary.

— — — — —

Yes, I do receive commission if you sign up for HostGator’s hosting plans using my affiliate link, but all of the above feedback are from my real experience and not biased. I wouldn’t even bother to post any article for WPWebHost (SheepTech’s ex-host) even if they offer double of HG’s commission.


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