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Network Solutions

Beware if you are searching for domain names availability on Network Solutions. Every searched domain names will be registered automatically under the name of Network Solutions for 5 days, making the domain unavailable to register under any other registrars in this period, but Network Solutions itself. They name this as customer protection measure.

This might be a good way to reserve the domain name you wanted to register if you currently have not enough money or under similar cases. But you will end up paying the higher price of what Network Solutions charge, which is $34.99 instead of the usual less than $10. Not to mention that if your searched domain is a good one with high potential of reselling at a much higher price, it might be hijacked.

There are users that have complain this to ICANN, and this is what they have responded:

I contacted ICANN and they said that although they believe it to be an unethical business practice they said that it is legal for Network Solutions to hijack domain names and hold them for ransom when searched off of their site. ICANN stated that there is nothing they can do to stop the practice.
—Stratagenix of

Not sure whether Network Solutions is doing this for their customer’s good or for their own good. If they are doing this just merely to increase their sales and to grab great domain names, then they are very wrong. If it is for the customers, then I would suggest them to have an option before searching the domain, whether to reserve it or not.

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