nofollow All Links In A Certain WordPress Category

Are you one of the victim being slapped by Google in the last two most recent PageRank update, for writing paid posts on your WordPress powered blog? And now, you wanted to be a good boy again, not writing anymore paid post, but not knowing what to do to all the old paid posts?

You have three choices, just leave it there, or insert “nofollow” to every single link you have in all your paid post, manually, and the last one, use a plugin namely NoSpamLinksPlugin to do the job.


The plugin consist of only one php file. After uploading it to your wp-content/plugins directory, you can configure it right way in your Options panel. Assuming you have a category for paid posts, you can nofollow all the links in that particular category easily.

Just select your paid posts category in the All No Follow section, and enter how old the posts should be before the nofollow is added. Voila, all your paid posts links are now nofollow-ed.



  1. Beth - February 3, 2008 @ 6:28 pm

    While I enjoy making money from my blog, I also realize I have worked hard to make a simple, non-niched blog, semi-popular and even though I was one of the lucky few who actually kept a page rank, (went from PR5 to PR3), the PPP/Izea service itself is suffering. I have made more money selling advertising space and explaining to advertisers that I charge %5 extra to remove the "nofollow" tags. Oddly enough, they seem to be opting to keep the no follow. Realizing I basically gave my PR away to companies who paid anywhere from $5-100 sickens me. I’ll have to try the plugin and hopefully be able to request to be reinstated with Google.

  2. Vincent - February 3, 2008 @ 7:26 pm

    My other blog is not as lucky. It went from PR5 to 3, then 0.
    Months back, an advertiser ordered a few ad spots to place her image ads. For $200, I inserted "nofollow" to all the images—but she’s willing to make it to $300 just to remove the "nofollow".

    Good luck trying the plugin, hope we both will have an increase in PageRank.

  3. Beth - February 5, 2008 @ 9:08 am

    I think some of us will have better luck dealing directly with advertisers rather than going through other services. I’ve written one paid post in the last 2 weeks simply because there are none available that I believe are worth the effort, much less $7. Advertisers aren’t going for Izea/PPP’s Real Rank- even though I’m in the Top 100 nothing has changed. They still believe Page Rank is more important. While I don’t believe it is- I still think our traffic and traffic sources should prove we’re worth more cash, Google has done a really great job making others believe PR is the end all for websites and blogs.

  4. BlackBerry PlayBook - April 8, 2011 @ 3:43 am

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