Tunatic Tells You The Song Name by Just Listening To It

Of course it is frustrating when you listen to a song you like on radio, but you don’t know who sing that and the song title. You can end that frustration by installing a less than 500KB (after installing) freeware—Tunatic.

The concept is simple. Just let Tunatic to listen to the song that you want to identify, via a microphone, and within seconds, Tunatic will fetch the song name and the artist name from its database if it match something (make sure you’re online, of course).


Best of all, it doesn’t just work for English songs. I tried Chinese songs and it works too! Basically Tunatic will just fetch whatever song information that matches its database. And its database are maintained by the Tunatic community. It collects song information from users who wants to contribute via a program called Tunalyzer. Too bad, Tunalyzer only works on Mac OS X at this moment, else I will contribute too.

I tried recording a song to using my mobile phone, and then play it to Tunatic, and it identify the song perfectly as expected. That would be useful if you listened to a song that you like, either at the radio or in a shopping complex, just grab your phone and record it. When you are home, let Tunatic listen to it, and you will then be able to identify the song name and the artist’s name.

Too bad, Tunatic couldn’t recognize the tune if you sing or hum it. Else you can just remember how to song go, and sing it to Tunatic for the song name. Thilak get it wrong for this part. Once in a while, there will be a really great software coming out from nowhere. This is definitely one of them.

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  1. nistelroi - December 14, 2013 @ 4:02 am

    Excellent soft!

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