TweetDeck Now Supports Long Tweets Natively

The 140 characters limitation on Twitter is what made most tweets short and precise, without blabbering too much. At times however, 140 characters is simply just insufficient to convey a message effectively, and that is why there are services that allow you to tweet longer.

TweetDeck, a popular Twitter client, is now supporting tweets that are longer than 140 characters natively through A long tweet sent from TweetDeck can be viewed in full length on another TweetDeck client.

If the tweet is viewed on other platforms, on the web for example, the long tweet will be truncated and a link will be attached at the end of the tweet. The link will bring you to TweetDeck’s website and the tweet will be displayed in full length.

Now you must be wondering, what happens if everyone starts writing essays using TweetDeck? It will flood your Twitter stream, no? Apparently, long tweets will only be displayed up to a certain height or length, depending which platform you are on. Clicking the “Read more” link will expand the text inline in the client itself.

Here’s a demo link displaying my tweet in full length.

To start using, simply write more than 140 characters on TweetDeck (desktop, Android or Chrome) and tweet away.


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