UserHealth: Freeware To Remind You of Taking Breaks

One of the tip suggested to reduce computer eyestrain is to take frequent breaks, ideally taking a few minutes break every 30 minutes of computer usage. If you are having trouble reminding yourself to take breaks, there is a freeware that will do the job, namely UserHealth.

UserHealthAfter installing, you can configure the freeware to suggest a break after 30 or 40 minutes of activity. You can even configure it to suggest a break when you reach a certain amount of keystrokes or mouse clicks.

There are two choices on how you want the program to nag you, either by a pop up message like “You should consider a 1-3 minutes break now!” or by the annoying mother, which will appear in the middle bottom of the screen and make sure you are taking your break for a duration that you have set.

The best part of UserHealth is that you can even force shutdown (or log off/reboot) your computer at a certain time. For example you want to make sure you are getting to bed by 11.00PM tonight, but you know you will be using the computer until late night. What you can do is to set UserHealth to auto shutdown your computer at 11.00PM sharp.

No more “just a little while more” or any other lame excuse.

UserHealth website | Download


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