Windows 8 Tablets Will Not Double Up As a PC, Stop Dreaming

Windows 8 tablets will be a serious threat to Android tablets if it could double as a regular PC. By simply attaching an external keyboard and mouse, and switching to the desktop mode, a Windows 8 tablet will look exactly like a Windows 8 PC. Alas, it’ll only look like one, but wouldn’t work like one. Check out my full article on the subject on Dice Blog Network:

Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview TabletWindows 8, on the surface, is a dream come true to many people. For the first time ever, Microsoft is crafting an operating system that won’t suck running on a tablet. The Metro interface and apps built specifically for it are highly optimized for touch interaction, akin to iOS and Android, and not so much for keyboard and mouse, even if that is what Redmond wants us to believe.

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