Workflowy – Straightforward List Maker

Workflowy is a simple yet powerful tool to create lists. How simple?

  • The first time you use Workflowy, you will see blank page.
  • Typing on a new line will create a bullet point.
  • Clicking on that bullet point will zoom into a new sub-list.
  • Navigate between parent list and sub-list via breadcrumb navigation.
  • Drag and drop line to rearrange items.
  • Shift+Enter to add a note to any point.
  • Strikeout completed tasks.

To describe Workflowy, it’s a list making web app that can create a list in a list in a list in a list, all without complicating anything. How? When you’re zoomed into a sub-list, only items in it will be listed. The parent and sibling lists are all hidden, allowing you to focus on that particular sub-list. You can switch between your parent and children list via the breadcrumb navigation.

Workflowy is not available on the iPhone yet, but a similar app, TaskPaper, is going for $9.99 a pop in the App Store.

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