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All Dropbox accounts were accessible with virtually any passwords, even incorrect ones, for four hours on Monday. The blunder was made when the company implemented a code update, and it took four hours before realizing the issue, eventually having it fixed in the next five minutes.

When Facebook and Skype announced a partnership September last year, I was expecting a deep integration that would enable voice calls between Skype-Facebook and Facebook-Facebook—all by just using existing Facebook accounts. A month later, Skype released a newer version of its Windows client, with almost nothing to do with bridging calls between Skype and Facebook. […]

This post brought to you by SmsScr. All opinions are 100% mine. Just in case you are too young for this (if all you have seen is an iPhone with on-screen keyboard or an Android device with Swype installed), keypresses in this context refers to the number of times you need to hit a phone […]

Are you using any extension or add-on on your browser to keep track of the number of unread messages in Gmail? Just a day ago, I suggested that you replace such extension with Minimalist Gmail, a powerful Gmail customization extension for Chrome that features unread messages count on Gmail’s favicon. Today, there is a new […]

(Chrome extension) Comparing to other major webmail, Gmail definitely has the cleanest interface, spotting only text advertisements, without any flashy banners. For some minimalist freaks however, that is not enough. Want to remove more clutters? Want more customizing power?

By now, everyone is an expert in summarizing one’s thought in just 140 characters, thanks to Twitter. Tapping on the same simplicity concept, 280daily was created. Like OhLife, 280daily is a journal writing web app. The difference is you are limited to just 280 characters to sum up your day. If you feel that isn’t […]

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