SmsScr: List Words by Mobile Phone Keypresses

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SmsScr logoJust in case you are too young for this (if all you have seen is an iPhone with on-screen keyboard or an Android device with Swype installed), keypresses in this context refers to the number of times you need to hit a phone keypad in order to type a word, assuming without assistance like T9 involved.

Say to type the letter “C”, we would have to hit the number “2” for 3 times on the keypad.

What is SmsSrc?

SmsScr is a web app that ranks lists of words according to the number of required keypresses. Guam is the easiest country name to type on a phone keypad, with just 5 keypresses, while South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands require 99 keypresses to complete according to this list.

If for any reason you need to rank words with this criteria, you can create a new list by typing manually or upload an existing text file. After previewing the list, you can choose to publish it on SmsSrc for public viewing.

You can browse existing lists to get an idea what you can do with the web app.

You are not alone if you think this web app is just plain weird, serving very little purpose. I’m was clueless too when I first tested it. Apparently it was created for the purpose of code testing, and the developer would like more people to utilize it for more intensive testing.

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  1. Delena Silverfox@Coupon Codes - February 8, 2011 @ 11:34 am

    This is rad! (Yes, I said “rad.” Back in my day, the hottest invention was a cell phone that was as big as a brick.)

    With gratuitous text messaging, there were some days when it felt like I was pressing keys for hours just to get a few words in. I can already see quite a few ways to utilize this; now to text my coding friends!



    Vincent replied:

    Those bricks were expensive as hell. Only the rich can carry one around in those days, unlike now where a even a 12-year-old is carrying an iPhone.


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    Thank you to share!I really like this article, I bookmarked your site! the hope can share the author more articles.


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