Lenovo’s Reputation Marred for Pre-installing Adware

Lenovo, the world’s largest computer maker, admitted to have installed an adware developed by Superfish on certain laptop models shipped late last year. Unsuspecting users reported on the company’s forum that they are seeing modified versions of Google search results page — injected with third party advertisements and pop ups. There are also security concerns as the adware comes with a self-signed certificate, exposing secure web session to potential man-in-the middle attack.

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Switching from Windows 7 to OS X Yosemite; Quirks

Late last year, I replaced my iPhone 5 with a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, my first Android device, after having used iOS for the past 5 years. The decision was made partly out of my frustration with the iPhone’s lackluster battery life (couldn’t go through a day with a single charge), but mostly out of curiosity and the urge to give Android a chance. I did the same with my computer a week ago, replacing my 5-year-old Windows 7 laptop with a Mac Mini, paired with my existing 23” Dell monitor, a Windows keyboard and mouse. I picked the mid-tier Mac Mini with the 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, and upgraded the storage to a 1TB Fusion Drive.

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Windows 8 Tablets Will Not Double Up As a PC, Stop Dreaming

Windows 8 tablets will be a serious threat to Android tablets if it could double as a regular PC. By simply attaching an external keyboard and mouse, and switching to the desktop mode, a Windows 8 tablet will look exactly like a Windows 8 PC. Alas, it’ll only look like one, but wouldn’t work like one. Check out my full article on the subject on Dice Blog Network:

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