Display Feed Count Without Using FeedBurner Chicklet

FeedBurner ChickletMajority of bloggers display their feed subscribers count using FeedBurner’s small chicklet. It is so simple to place one on your blog, you can even choose the color of your choice as well as changing the text inside the chicklet to something else.

But in case you prefer having more control on how to show off your feed subscriber’s count, a WordPress plugin called Feed Count will definitely help. As big as you want, whatever font you like, just anything that you can do with CSS.

Feedburner Feed Count

There can be many reasons to style your own feed count, trying to stand out of the crowd that is using the chicklet, or in my case, enlarging the feed count to let everyone know there are only a whooping 6 subscribers at the moment, making visitors wanna take part in increasing the number.

All you have to do to style your own feed count is to download the WordPress plugin here and install it, activate the Awareness API in your FeedBurner control panel, and do the styling. A sample CSS is available at the plugin page.

Happy styling and good bye FeedBurner Chicklet!

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