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Smashing Magazine logoYou are likely to stumble upon one of these WordPress themes released by Smashing Magazine, somehow, somewhere, in your quest hunting for a WordPress theme. Being the top web design blog, you can expect only the best WordPress themes from them and it makes perfect sense to browse all of the themes to find your perfect theme.

Smashing Magazine started releasing WordPress themes since 2007, but there isn’t any easy way to see all of them on one single list as far as I’m concerned. To make life easier for you, I have compiled all (if I didn’t miss any, that is) the WordPress themes released by Smashing Magazine, all the way from the first theme dated in year 2007 to the most recent one released in February 2010.

designPile [Demo] {February 20th, 2010}

Screenshot: designPile free WordPress theme

SimpleFolio [Demo] {February 7th, 2010}

Screenshot: SimpleFolio WordPress Theme

Christmas and New Year’s Eve WordPress Theme [Demo] {December 21st, 2009}

Christmas New Year

Glassical [Demo] {November 7th, 2009}

Screenshot: Glassical WordPress Theme

Creative by Nature [Demo] {July 30th, 2009}

Screenshot: Creative by Nature WordPress Theme

Paper Wall [Demo] {July 10th, 2009}

Screenshot: Paper Wall WordPress Theme

Gallery [Demo] {May 4th, 2009}

Screenshot: Gallery WordPress Theme

Magazeen [Demo] {February 23rd, 2009}

Screenshot: Magazeen WordPress Theme

Compositio [Demo] {February 18th, 2009}

Screenshot: Compositio WordPress Theme

Vintage and Blues [Demo] {January 28th, 2009}

Screenshot: Vintage and Blues WordPress Theme

Atlantic [Demo] {January 5th, 2009}

Screenshot: Atlantic WordPress Theme

Viewport [Demo] {December 29th, 2008}

Screenshot: Viewport WordPress Theme

Christmas WordPress Theme [Demo] {December 24th, 2008}

Christmas WordPress Theme

Black Magic [Demo] {November 10th, 2008}

Screenshot: Black Magic WordPress Theme

Color Paper [Demo] {October 30th, 2008}

Screenshot: Color Paper WordPress Theme

Cellar Heat [Demo] {October 20th, 2008}

Screenshot: Cellar Heat WordPress Theme

Simple Ornate [Demo] {October 1st, 2008}

Screenshot: Simple Ornate WordPress Theme

Agregado [Screenshot: Agregado WordPress Theme

Notepad Chaos [Demo] {August 20th, 2008}

Screenshot: Notepad Chaos WordPress Theme

Infinity [Demo] {August 8th, 2008}

Screenshot: Infinity WordPress Theme

Fervens [Demo] {August 5th, 2008}

Screenshot: Fervens WordPress Theme

Tigerpress [Demo] {July 28th, 2008}

Screenshot: Tigerpress WordPress Theme

WordPress Fun [Demo] {July 16th, 2008}

WordPress Fun

Dilectio [Demo] {December 21st, 2007}


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  1. IntenseBlogging - June 1, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

    Infinity theme looks great

  2. aahna - August 6, 2010 @ 12:14 am

    i don’t like any themes in this post plz upload some new themesssss

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