Google Get Site Description Wrong for Google Itself

Spotted earlier by Amit, Google fails to get the right description for itself, when you Google for Google. Ironically, its counterpart, Yahoo! and Live Search, got the right description for Google instead.

Google for Google

Days ago, the description was:

Search and browse mail-order catalogs online. Focuses on standard US mail-order product catalogs which have prices printed in them and are designed to help …

But for now, it has been change to the Doodle 4 Google thing. Still wrong.

Searching for Google on Yahoo!:

Yahoo! for Google

The Yahoo! shortcut says:

You could go to Google. Or you could stay here and get straight to your answers.

It was a laughing material back when it was first implemented. But now it acts as salts to Google’s injury.

Searching for Google on Live Search:

Live Search for Google

Looks like Google know better about Yahoo! and Live Search than itself:

Google for Yahoo!

Google Live Search

Google got its malware warning glitch fixed in less than an hour, but it has been days since its site description went wrong, but there’s still no fix. Although it’s unlikely for someone to Google for Google, but when one does, and see the wrong description for Google itself, it’s just shameful.

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