Dump MobileMe if it\'s useless to you (probably it is)So you got your iTunes updated to the latest 7.7, happy with it and one day, you found something new in your control panel. Google it and you notice that it’s a commercial software called MobileMe installed by Apple secretly when you are updating your iTunes.

If you do not have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you definitely will not need MobileMe. Not to mention that even if you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, but is not willing to fork out your hard earned money for features you do not need, you might as well as dump MobileMe too.

To remove MobileMe from your Windows, just simply navigate to your control panel, Add/Remove Programs, and uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support. MobileMe should not be in sight anymore after you have do so. I don’t know why Apple would assume all iTune users are iPod or iPhone owners. Will it be people at Apple thinks that no one will ever use iTunes unless he’s an iPod or iPhone owner because he have no choice? They should have boost their confidence a little then.

Note: Only uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support if you are not using iTunes for your iPod. iTunes will not be able to detect your iPod after you uninstall the mentioned.

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  1. Matthias
    14 Aug 08
    5:09 am

    God damn it, Apple is so sneaky with their shitty software!

    Thanks for the tip!


  2. Glenn
    25 Aug 08
    9:57 pm

    Your cure is worse than the sickness. I followed your instructions and now iTunes will no longer detect my iPod. Guess why. No Apple Mobile Device Support. Now I have to re-install iTunes to get it back and I’ll be right back where I started.


  3. Chesh
    26 Aug 08
    8:18 am

    Yeah, now I’m in the same situation as Glen. Thanks a lot for offering advice on something you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.


  4. Brenner
    26 Aug 08
    7:57 pm

    Yeah, actually, don’t do this if you use iTunes period! Now it will not recognize by Zen player. Excellent.


  5. Bob
    01 Sep 08
    5:57 am

    FUCK! You know if Microsoft did this there’d be about 10,000 anti-trust lawsuits fired in their direction. Apple does it and hardly anyone bats an eyelash. It’s fucking gross. What a bunch of fucking dirtbags.


  6. Rich
    04 Sep 08
    1:58 am

    Yeah, Apple really sucks. I would never buy their products or use their software. Too bad my wife got an IPod for christmas. It was the only player at the time with 160 Gb. Otherwise I would have never gone with Apple. They are a lousy company with poor customer service, unethical practices, and a whole lot of junk for the money.


  7. Rich
    04 Sep 08
    2:00 am

    If you want to remove this annoying icon from the Control Panel, but you WANT to KEEP mobile device support for your ipod, then see METHOD 2 on this page:



  8. Simply go to Apple’s web site and download the separate MobileMe installer.


    Run the installer and click on the Uninstall button. If you tried to manually uninstall it, you may want to install it again or click the Repair button and then reboot and try the Uninstall button again.

    There’s no reason to freak out about the installation. A calm head and informed research can usually reveal the solutions you need.

    Cheers and best.


  9. Tino
    27 Sep 08
    10:33 am

    Apple is fucking sneaky with the stupid MobileMe. Your itune and ipod should be put in trash bin Glenn. Fuck ipod.


  10. Chris
    02 Feb 09
    4:19 pm

    Get with it already! Apple is deceptive and will one day seek to control all of the audio and video you listen/watch. Ask yourself why you can’t play their files on other players? Why does it cost the same to download a movie as it is in the store, but you can’t save a more permanent copy on disc? Why do they shove software down your throat?

    Break away and use MediaMonkey…..it’s free, and it won’t hog your system resources like iTunes.



  11. Jason V
    05 Mar 09
    11:27 am

    Take note: it’s “MobileMe” you need to uninstall; not “Apple Mobile Device Support”…uninstalling THAT would be a mistake for iPod iPhone users…


  12. J Ronald Blevins
    15 May 10
    9:09 am

    This was no Help!!


  13. Tim
    04 Jul 10
    10:03 am

    Shippingrock is spot on!

    DONT try to do what the moron said with regards to add/remove programs. Let the program remove itself and download the pc mobileme console which has the option of uninstall!

    Worked perfectly for me. Unlike the amazing balls up that was first suggested.


  14. TSK
    08 Oct 10
    6:55 am

    What’s wrong with you lame idiots. You rush to delete a critical piece of software apparently just because you hate Apple.

    The “secret” installation of mobileme was not a plot to undermine our freedom, and enslave our children, it was simply a tool needed to recognize an i-device.

    Then you read this article and DON’T read the note at the end that says “don’t do this if you use an iphone or ipod”, and now you bitch your iphone/ipod doesn’t work.

    Hey morons – just leave well enough alone and go play WoW in the basement. Half the tech-capable folk out there now have iphones or ipods, and itunes is critical to installing the content.

    Live with it, or go back to a Commodore 64.


    Gato Sub replied:

    @TSK, I’ve never owned an Apple anything (iphone, ipad, ipod, iGot-bent-over-by-apple-device) – and yet – WITHOUT MY PERMISSION – and without even allowing me a choice – Apple placed their fascist-ware on my Win7-Pro OS computer. Did you know – that Apple has applied for patents to be able to turn on your iPhone anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances – WITHOUT THE OWNER’s PERMISSION and listen, take photos and/or video? And – AND…IT IS NOT ILLEGAL (yet)?? Did you know this? Steve Jobs’ cancer has obviously gone into his brain – as he has become a champion of evil.


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