ImageShack “Right-click” Firefox Add-on for Firefox 3

Imageshack right-click Firefox add-onFor whatever reason, ImageShack has decided to stop developing the Imageshack right-click Firefox add-on since its last update on 26th December 2006. The latest official version is not compatible with Firefox 3 and Firefox 3.5 beta. It’s such a convenient add-on that there’s no reason to abandon it.

Although ImageShack supports image transloading (direct upload from URL instead of downloading to localdisk and uploading again), it’s still not as convenient as you have to copy and paste the image URL, while the add-on will enable you to upload image on any websites with just 2 clicks.

Fortunately, there is someone kind enough to update the add-on to be compatible with Firefox 3. You can download here –

That wouldn’t work on Firefox 3.5 beta though. If you’re using Firefox 3.5 beta, try this one here instead. You have to register in the forum before you are allowed to download the add-on.

After downloading, open the add-ons window on your Firefox (Tools > Add-ons), then simply drag the xpi file into the window and install it.

P.s: I’ve only tested the one for Firefox 3.5 beta. Works like a charm.

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