Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Released

Internet Explorer 8As title, Microsoft has made Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate available on 26th of January. I have already tested Internet Explorer 8 a while ago on Windows 7 (will be writing about it after I’m done exploring).

To assure you that it’s worth knowing more about Internet Explorer 8, yes, it passed the Acid2 Browser Test (IE6 & IE7 didn’t make it).

Something worth mentioning about IE8

  • IE Add-ons – Microsoft finally realize the importance of browser extension/addons. Nothing impressive yet at the moment, but it’s definitely a good start
  • InPrivate Browsing – Pretty much like Google Chrome’s incognito. Browse without leaving a trace of browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, and usernames and passwords.
  • Web slices – On a web slice enabled website, you can subscribe to it and be notified whenever that website is being updated.
  • See it for yourself – My internet connection is crawling right now, it’s like testing my patience. So, see it for yourself.

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