Lazer Bird

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy device user, and happen to be an Angry Birds fan, you are in luck! Rovio’s upcoming title, Angry Birds Space, will be available for download on iOS, Android, PC and Mac tomorrow. If you happen to be carrying an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy device, you will receive the “Danger Zone,” an extra 30 game levels that will be sold as an in-app purchase, for free.

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Windows 8 tablets will be a serious threat to Android tablets if it could double as a regular PC. By simply attaching an external keyboard and mouse, and switching to the desktop mode, a Windows 8 tablet will look exactly like a Windows 8 PC. Alas, it’ll only look like one, but wouldn’t work like one. Check out my full article on the subject on Dice Blog Network:

Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview TabletWindows 8, on the surface, is a dream come true to many people. For the first time ever, Microsoft is crafting an operating system that won’t suck running on a tablet. The Metro interface and apps built specifically for it are highly optimized for touch interaction, akin to iOS and Android, and not so much for keyboard and mouse, even if that is what Redmond wants us to believe.

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Aftermarket Apple Composite AV Cable

Bought a cheap tv-out composite AV cable for your iPhone off eBay, but learnt that it’s unsupported later? Well, all is not lost. Like most prudent consumers, I refused to purchase an Apple-branded composite AV cable that will set me back RM139 ($45). Instead, I tried my luck with an aftermarket tv-out cable on eBay, costing just RM25 ($8), which is the cheapest in my region. The seller advised me that the cable would only work on older iDevices like the original iPhone and iPhone 3G.

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This is an advertorial. All opinions are fully mine and unbiased.

I like the notion of having a tablet the moment Apple’s iPad came around. But after all these years, even after the tablet market is flooded with Android tablets of different form factors and sizes, I’m still without a tablet. It’s sure great to consume contents on a tablet while relaxing on the couch, but besides that, it wouldn’t be very useful for anything else, in my case at least, and thus can’t justify a purchase.

For starter, I absolutely hate carrying a bag in an outing. And I don’t see how I can carry a tablet around without a bag. Until recently. With the debut of the Samsung Galaxy Note. And I’m not even sure if the device’s a really super large smartphone or a mini tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note

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This post brought to you by GFI. All opinions are 100% mine.

Update: The giveaway is over. Congratulations MIT THAKKAR, you’ve been chosen as the winner by the list randomizer on Please check your email for instructions to claim the prize.

VIPRE antivirusIt had been more than four months since VIPRE Antivirus software took charge of my PC’s security. By right, I should have more to say since my initial review in May, but that’s not the case here. In fact, I have not interacted with the program since, other than updating the software, and that’s only for once.

These are my test results back then:

  • Quick scan – Two risk was detected in the 8 minutes quick scan
  • Deep scan — CPU and memory usage did not spike, PC responsiveness unaffected. Total scan time is slightly over 4 hours, with archives scanning on (off by default)

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Todd Bradley, HP executive vice president, and Jon Rubenstein, of Palm

If you managed to grab one of HP’s $99 tablet, consider yourself lucky. It turns out that the TouchPad is far from dead after all. According to Todd Bradley, the head of HP’s Personal Systems Group, the TouchPad could be resurrected under a new standalone company which he’d lead personally if HP managed to spin-off its PC business.

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