Facebook MessengerWhen Facebook and Skype announced a partnership September last year, I was expecting a deep integration that would enable voice calls between Skype-Facebook and Facebook-Facebook—all by just using existing Facebook accounts.

A month later, Skype released a newer version of its Windows client, with almost nothing to do with bridging calls between Skype and Facebook. All it does was adding a new Facebook tab that is nothing but another way to read your news feed. You can call your Facebook friends if they made their number public, which will of course uses your Skype credit. Free calls is only possible if your Facebook friend has a Skype account.

Far from what I expected.

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Breakup NotifierHad a crush on a friend who are already in a relationship? In the age of social networks, many unthinkable way of managing life is now possible, including a possibly evil one, get notified when a friend broke up.

Breakup Notifier is a Facebook app that will monitor the relationship status of your Facebook friends of your choice. Whenever that particular friend changes their relationship status, you will be notified via email, and from there on, you can plan your next badass move.

I have not tried the app myself, but according to its homepage, all you have to do is grant permissions to it like any other Facebook app, choose a friend to monitor and wait for the moment to come, if it ever comes.

Pages on FacebookHow many Facebook Pages have you liked thus far? A question so simple you’ll have hard time answering. At least to my knowledge, there isn’t any obvious way you can find all the pages you have liked on Facebook, which is frustrating to say at least.

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Chrometa is a time tracking software for Windows that will possibly eliminate the question “Where did my time go?“. Once installed, Chrometa will track the amount of time you have spent on any application in a very detailed manner. When you’re on a browser for example, Chrometa will track the time you have spent on individual web pages.

A copy of Chrometa used to be cost $99, but you can now get yourself a license key for free by just providing your email address (the key will be sent to your email). The license key will only work on the desktop version though, the web app version starts from $19 to $99.

Link: Request License Key | Download Chrometa 2.0

WordPress Theme: If you are a reader of any blog under Gawker Media’s flag (i.e. Lifehacker, Gizmodo, io9 etc.), chances are you have already seen their latest redesign. It felt more like a web app now, navigating the blog is now snappier, mostly done without requiring any page refresh.

Qawker WordPress Theme

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Android app: Never liked the not-so-human look of the little green Androids? Wished that they were more handsome and charming just like you?

If you own an Android device, you could just do that. Google had just release Androidify to the Android Market, an app which you could customize the green Android with different hair styles, eyewear, beards, clothings, shoes and other accessories.

It’s like a little dressing game which you could make the Android look just like you, or rather, make yourself look like an Android. You could then share it across social networks or make it your avatar across the web.

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