SheepTech February08 Report Card

Here you go, the second SheepTech report card. The first month performed better than this month, as less effort is put on promoting.


This month’s traffic is not even half of last January’s. Just 712 unique visitors with 1,232 pageviews. Search engine traffic has increased, and Yahoo! was responsible for it. Google doesn’t seem to trust this blog yet, and it ranks quite poor there.

RSS Feed Subscribers

Nothing much changed. At the time of writing last month’s report, there are 15 subscribers. This time, it is something near too—16!. Also, only one subscriber is willing to let me know who he is, which is Gary.

Sheeptech feed report

Money Made

$0, for having 0 advertisement for the whole month.

Last Month’s Goal

Make it to Google’s first page for the keyword “SheepTech” – It’s ranking on the first page now, but it’s at only the fifth position.

30 RSS subscribers and 3k-5k visitors – RSS subscriber have not even reach 20 yet, and only 712 unique visitors are recorded for the entire February. Failed for both.

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