Switching from Windows 7 to OS X Yosemite; Quirks

Late last year, I replaced my iPhone 5 with a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, my first Android device, after having used iOS for the past 5 years. The decision was made partly out of my frustration with the iPhone’s lackluster battery life (couldn’t go through a day with a single charge), but mostly out of curiosity and the urge to give Android a chance. I did the same with my computer a week ago, replacing my 5-year-old Windows 7 laptop with a Mac Mini, paired with my existing 23” Dell monitor, a Windows keyboard and mouse. I picked the mid-tier Mac Mini with the 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, and upgraded the storage to a 1TB Fusion Drive.

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Windows 8 Tablets Will Not Double Up As a PC, Stop Dreaming

Windows 8 tablets will be a serious threat to Android tablets if it could double as a regular PC. By simply attaching an external keyboard and mouse, and switching to the desktop mode, a Windows 8 tablet will look exactly like a Windows 8 PC. Alas, it’ll only look like one, but wouldn’t work like one. Check out my full article on the subject on Dice Blog Network:

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