Google Friend Connect Launched

Who visited your website? Who is your blog’s loyal reader? With questions like these in mind, MyBlogLog and other variations services had launched, hoping to bring blog readers together, connect and social with each other. MyBlogLog had achieve this, especially with their ability to automatic add reader to a blog community which he frequent.

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AdSense Experimenting Underlined URL?

It seems that Google is trying something new again. Instead of black URL like what I have set in my AdSense account, the URL appeared underlined and is using the title color instead of what I have specified.


AdSense Underlined URL

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nofollow All Links In A Certain WordPress Category

Are you one of the victim being slapped by Google in the last two most recent PageRank update, for writing paid posts on your WordPress powered blog? And now, you wanted to be a good boy again, not writing anymore paid post, but not knowing what to do to all the old paid posts?

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