Don't worry, I'm from the internetQuestion: I’m subscribing to a 1Mbps package from my local ISP. Why didn’t my download speed get anywhere near there?

Most ISPs quote download speed in kilobit(kb) or megabit(Mb). In contrast, download speed displayed in internet browsers or P2P programs are displayed in kilobyte(kB).

1 byte = 8 bits

Therefore, if you are subscribing to a 1Mbps (1000 Kbps) package from your local ISP, your download speed would be at 122.07 kB/s. If you’re unsure, you can use an online converter to determine your real download speed.

Now stop swearing or cursing your ISP whenever you see only 120kB/s download speed when you are subscribing to a 1Mbps package. You are indeed getting what you are subscribing for.

FixmymovieHandphone cameras, though produces low quality videos most of the time, is one of the most frequently used device to record an unexpected event. Almost everyone carries their phone around, but not an expensive camcorder that will capture DVD quality videos.

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Update: Maya got me back asking for my mailing address, this thing is still on.

Update 2: Schwag received :)

Okay, I gotta admit the title is somewhat misleading, as I am not sure if the WordPress Schwag giveaway by Maya is still on. But then I decided to give it a try since it’s just as simple as telling Maya why you would want them via the comment section.

Jaypee who requested some WordPress Schwag from Maya 3 weeks back got all these:

WordPress Schwag

I want those awesome buttons! Will post some pictures of my WordPress Schwag once I receive them, if it’ll ever happen (hopefully). Oh ya, merry christmas :)

Widexplorer logoWith Widexplorer, you can load up several websites simultaneously in a single window/tab, and have them arranged side by side. I have not seen any useful iframe usage for quite some time already, but Widexplorer looks promising to certain users.

It can be handy if you have a real large (and wide) screen, or you’ll need to perform short tasks on several different websites everyday. Provided you have a real large screen, you can view several websites at a time without the need of changing tabs (which browser doesn’t have tabs these days), else you would need to scroll horizontally to view the other websites you’ve loaded—like this:

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Gmail LabsGmail is no doubt one of the best free email service provider out there, but as Nick Vujicic says in one of his speech:

the day you believe you’ve reached your fullest potential is the day you have not. (2:31)

Thereby, the Gmail engineers are always looking for ways to improve Gmail, and one way is to test experimental features via the Gmail Labs.

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15th Nov 2010: Free 1 year subscription of McAfee Internet Security 2010.

McAfee guardChristmas came early this year. After optimizing your computer with the free TuneUp Utilities 2007, you can protect your computer from virus infections, spywares and such by having a 1-year subscription of the popular McAfee VirusScan Plus Firewall and AntiSpyware for free (worth $39.99).

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