Quora logoQuora is a relatively new Q&A service that had been covered extensively on top tech blogs and news site, most notably TechCrunch. I have just got an account yesterday and took a quick tour. What sets it apart from more established Q&A sites like Yahoo! Answers and Mahalo?

The community. People on Quora are mostly professionals and experts in their respective fields, and this reflects in the quality of answers. There are even CEOs answering questions about their companies.

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(WordPress Plugin) Don’t fix something that is not broken. Before we look for the solution, let’s see what’s wrong with Akismet.

Akismet vs. GASP

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iTunes logoBefore I got my iPhone, foobar2000 was my primary music player. Which feature do I miss most after making the switch to iTunes? Not the lightweight-ness, not the components (add-ons), but the ability to control the player using hotkeys no matter what you are doing on your PC.

Say I want to watch a YouTube video. I would have to summon the iTunes window just to pause the song, then switch back to my web browser to play the video. If I were using foobar2000, I would just need to hit the hotkey to pause the song while I’m still on my web browser, making things faster and less tedious.

Keyboard key seats Luo Hu MTR Station Shenzhen China

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Chrome logoUnlike other browsers, the option to save an image as desktop background is missing from Chrome’s right-click context menu. There are two ways to overcome this:

1. Install “Set image as wallpaper” Chrome extension

This Chrome extension returns the “Set image as wallpaper” option to your right-click context menu. In the settings, you can decide whether you want a preview to be displayed whenever you set a wallpaper.

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How do you identify spam links received on instant messengers? One of the easiest way is to identify the domain. If your friend is sharing random links with unknown domain, the fancy ones especially, you should be very wary (pun).

Some phishing sites might also use domain similar to popular social networking sites, faceb0ok.com for example. So does that mean if the domain is exactly the same as popular sites like facebook.com or youtube.com, you are safe?

Facebook Candy Van

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Have you ever been arrested? Do you have any secret nicknames? What are the things that other people don’t know about you? Facto wants to know it.

Facto is a platform for you to share little known facts about yourself. Why would you need a separate service to share your facts when you can do the same on Facebook and Twitter?

Facto: Leon Hitchens

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